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Back in time not very far in the past Music was what we were about. Composing, playing, living, was about our human presence. We tuned in with our psyches, hearts, and spirits to enable us to comprehend what the importance of life was and to open our brains to what we didn’t see all to turn out to be better individuals. We improved. Additional seeing, progressively knowledgeable, increasingly open to what we didn’t comprehend, and all the more consistent with ourselves as well as other people, with a benevolent nature. In 2007 we have lost what we have realized previously. For reasons unknown, it has not been passed down. The adolescent today are starting to look through it out. They do see a lifetime of music that instructed all to meet up and see, although they were uncertain concerning what they were learning. They realized it contacted the spirit. You will either get what I am stating or not. I trust you do.

I solicit the adolescent from today to get a guitar, a bass, drums, a piano, a clarinet, a tuba, a saxophone, any musical instrument and figure out how to play it. Give it a chance to contact you, perhaps you’ll change instruments, or include more! Please, I request that you keep the MUSIC ALIVE! It has been around since the very beginning and it is being set aside for inexpensive diversion. Learning, working on, creating something from nothing is the incredible test of the human presence. How about we do not lose it!

That is the first stage, delight. If you need to go for your fantasies to be incredible, I did, yet stage one is happiness regarding playing…! On the off chance that you don’t have that play sports or motocross, or whatever satisfies you. I simply don’t need us to lose the music. Anything somebody is enthusiastic about, I am for, whatever it is. I am a musician, however, so I see those aesthetics!

Do what your heart tells you…!

Shake ‘N Roll,

Teddy Mueller began his profession as the drummer for exemplary musical crew Ax, visiting with Ozzy Osbourne, Kiss, Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Ted Nugent, Cheap Trick, ZZ Top, Iron Maiden, Joan Jett, Alice Cooper, and many, some more, Teddy has been far and wide playing his drums and played for hordes of more than 50,000 individuals! From that point forward, Teddy is a democratic Grammy part just as working in the retail business condition as chief and region director for significant retail organizations.